Excel assessment test for interview

Below are free sample questions similar to the questions seen on a typical Prove It Microsoft Excel assessment.

excel assessment test for interview

Our products offer the ability to practice with software similar to the one used on the Real Test. Click on the "Start Practicing" key and increase your chances of success.

Below is a selection of sample questions similar to the Kenexa questions you might face on your Kenexa test. To answer the sample questions, copy the following table to a new Excel spreadsheet. The cell marked with A1 must be pasted in cell A1 on the spreadsheet. Once the table has been copied, continue to the following question. Our test kits include selection of sample questions similar to Kenexa questions that may appear in the real test. Doing well on the Excel test can be the deciding factor for whether you get the job or not.

Therefore, it is imperative that you practice. Browse Topics.

Excel Data Analysis: Sort, Filter, PivotTable, Formulas (25 Examples): HCC Professional Day 2012

Prepare for Success Below is a selection of sample questions similar to the Kenexa questions you might face on your Kenexa test. Get The Full Preparation Pack. Insert a new row between John and Jimmy. Set the page orientation to "landscape". Create a PivotTable for "annual salary" per "age". What is the fastest way to change all instances of the word "psychometric" within column B to the word "aptitude"?

Which of the keys below suitable for AutoSum? Prepare for Success Our test kits include selection of sample questions similar to Kenexa questions that may appear in the real test.

View Related Tests. More on this topic All Excel Packages. Not what you were looking for? Let us help you :. Need Help. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon. Choose Topic There was a problem sending your message. Please try again in a few minutes.In this tutorial, we will look at how can pass excel assessment test.

When you come to employment agency, a lot of times they want to validate your Excel skills by giving you a test. They give you a lot of different tests. This is just one of the examples. And in this tutorial, we're going to go step by step and complete all 20 steps of this test. Picture below shows source data and list of 25 steps, we will be completing in this tutorial: we will go one by one and complete each step of this excel assessment test. For the best results, I recommend you download the sample file from my website and follow me, so this way you can learn and be successful as part of the test.

To best complete exercises, it often helps to understand what kind of data you're dealing with, so let's closely look at the data. This is the table with business expenses and looks like expenses categorized by different items. We have office supplies, lease, utilities, phone expense, computer and internet expenses.

Then we have values by month. We have January through May and these are the values related to these expenses. Knowing this information will help us to complete step number two of Excel assessment test. We need to calculate total cost of expenses by month using formula. We already extended the column to fit total cost by month.

excel assessment test for interview

Now we need to populate the values here in the row 12 and the best formula to do this work is the SUM formula. I'll show you multiple ways how you can do it.

The third way would be when you already have the formulayou can just extend it. First, we need to understand what the table is. And in this case, table is all expenses even the ones that we have not calculated yet with the total cost and an average cost which we have steps to calculate later.

So what we need to understand here is the difference between values for the monthly expenses and total expenses versus just text values which describe expenses themselves. We need to format data values as currency.

excel assessment test for interview

We need to use formula to calculate total costs. So formula would be the same. The best way to calculate total costs would be to use the SUM formula. And we already looked at how to use it. The only difference would be we used it vertically to calculate values for the column. Now we'll be using it horizontally to calculate values for the rows but the concept is the same for SUM.Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program, created by Microsoft Corporation over thirty years ago.

It enables users to organize, format, and calculate data with formulas using a spreadsheet system broken up by rows and column.

Microsoft Excel is also used for storing, organizing and manipulating the data as well as for creating macros, charts, histograms, line graphs and pivot tables with the help of graphing tools. Excel also offers programming that supports VBA, and we can use external database to make dynamic reports, analysis etc. Smart use of this program saves a lot of time and helps in creating our own applications too.

Because spreadsheets are so popular and useful, many companies conduct Excel interview before hiring for job. An Excel Interview Test is a screening process employers use as part of the candidate employment interview to test a potential candidate on their knowledge and proficiency of Microsoft Excel.

It validates fundamental knowledge from determining the best way to open a recently closed Workbook to using the correct formula to perform automatic calculations.

Microsoft Excel harbor very basic calculations to very advanced data processing and analysis that requires in-depth knowledge of every tools of Excel. Answers and explanations included!!! Candidates are typically tested for certain skills and knowledge they need to possess in Microsoft Excel:.

Who is this book for? This book prepares candidates to help pass Beginners Excel Test. We will be covering specific strategies and provide you sample questions that may be asked for the relevant position you are applying for. Each employer might use a slightly different variation of the test. The Excel exam will be broken down into a multiple-choice section and an interactive portion.

Some tests are timed but some of them do not have a limit on how long applicant can take to answer the questions, but there might be exceptions. It is rare that only one type of question is used during the test — most of the time questions are part of the large pool and testing software randomly selects certain number of questions from the pool and presents them to the candidate. In this test format applicants are being presented with the question that has multiple options but only one possible answer.

Applicants are typically being asked to select one choice as the answer for the questions.

Figure 1 shows an example of multiple choice excel assessment test question:. In this test format applicants are being presented with the question, which has multiple potential answers.Have a job interview? The Excel tests measure your ability to complete tasks in Microsoft's Excel software at various levels.

It can be formatted as a multiple-choice test or an interactive test. The more common interactive test simulates the usage of real Excel Software. You will be asked to complete different tasks on an Excel spreadsheet, or an Excel simulation interface. The multiple-choice test requires no actual work on Excel. This may be confusing for even the most advanced Excel users. In fact, the most significant difference between the various test levels is the proportion of questions taken from each level.

We also offer general test practice in case the test format is unknown. This will allow the highest fit for the actual test, and will provide you with suitable practice. JobTestPrep offers dozens of highly effective preparation materials to help you successfully pass your Microsoft Excel assessment tests.

You will be able to quickly identify and eliminate any weaknesses prior to taking your Microsoft Excel assessment test by using JobTestPrep's resources.

Make sure you refresh your skills before you take the test. Take an Excel Practice test to ensure you are familiar with the various commands as well as any possible alternative way to execute them.

In most cases, your assessment will include both Excel and Word tests. If this is the case for you, check out our new combo pack to help you improve your performance in both Excel and Word, as well as save you money. Were you invited to take a Kenexa Prove It Excel assessment test?

Check Kenexa Prove It Excel test offer:. Browse Topics. Get Started Now. Filter: Edition. Edition Intermediate-Advanced Excel Practice. Intermediate-Advanced Practice. Office Combo Advanced Practice. Get both the Excel and the Word packages for maximum success. Get both the Excel and the Word preparation packages. Show More About Have a job interview?

Prepare Online for the Microsoft Excel Assessment Tests Immediately JobTestPrep offers dozens of highly effective preparation materials to help you successfully pass your Microsoft Excel assessment tests. Get All Packs Now. The multiple-choice test might be perceived as easier than the interactive tests as there are always options to choose from.

The test includes a variety of topics, and items are usually pulled randomly from a large question bank. This means you will probably not be tested on the same questions a friend of yours received the day before and you will have to practice thoroughly in order to cover all topics.

In some cases, companies will give you a test they have built internally.Last Updated: 29 January A Microsoft Excel test is a tool that employers use during the recruitment process to check how proficient candidates are with Excel. Spreadsheets allow users to input and analyse data efficiently, and are used in all kinds of office jobs; as such, these tests are becoming increasingly common. It is also likely that employers will be looking for an understanding of relativeabsolute and mixed references — concepts that are crucial to Excel.

Some companies will set a test they have built themselves. This would usually be an interactive test and will often involve working with Excel software itself. In the majority of cases, companies will use specifically designed software from a test provider. Multiple-choice tests will include questions covering every area of the software, so candidates will need to be very familiar with key functions and layout.

The multiple-choice questions are pulled at random from a large pool of possible questions, so no test is the same.

The simulation format is more common for Excel tests. Here candidates must complete a series of tasks on an Excel spreadsheet, according to their skill level.

Candidates will be asked to sit a basicintermediate or advanced level testdepending on the position they are applying for. We'll cover each in turn. A basic Excel test is used for positions that require candidates to be comfortable performing the most common Excel tasks. The test may form part of an application for entry-level and administrative jobs. An intermediate Excel test is used for jobs where candidates will need to work with Excel at a higher level. Along with the skills assessed on the basic test, tasks may include:.

Candidates for accountancy positions, or other jobs where Excel is used for financial calculations or to manage large databases, may be required to take an advanced Excel skills test. Tasks may include:. Many of the psychometric test companies that candidates might be familiar with from previous job application assessments also provide Excel skills test.

Excel tests. Let's examine each of those:. Each question consists of a task for the user to complete, along with accompanying data. There are a maximum of 30 questions with a time limit of around 35 minutes.

Unlike working with Excel for real, the interactive software does not allow much room for trial and error, so formulas and functions must be spelled correctly. Some Excel shortcuts will also be inactive. This is similar to the Interactive Test above but covers only the most vital and commonly used Excel operations.

There are a maximum of 20 questions or tasks with a time limit of about 25 minutes. It's made up of a series of multiple-choice questions of varying difficulty.Applying for a job and looking for sample Excel interview questions?

Check out our list of the top 10 practice questions. Make sure you're prepared for the day that could change your career. Sign up for five free must-learn lessons before your Excel interview!

By submitting this information, you agree to Deskbright's privacy policy and terms of service. It owes its enduring popularity to a huge number of features that allow users to analyze data quickly and easily. Nevertheless, Excel still reigns supreme.

Because spreadsheets are so popular — and useful — many companies conduct Excel interviews before extending job offers. This helps ensure that job applicants are qualified — and comfortable using Excel on the job. Recruiters are generally vague on details, and it can be scary to walk into a conversation like this one blind. Your Excel interview may start out with an easier question like this one.

If you've spent any time in Excel, you've almost certainly had a chance to experiment with different data types, and will likely be familiar with some of the most frequently-used:. Just like in standard mathematics, Excel uses an order of operations when evaluating different operators within the formula bar.

You'll almost surely recognize the acronym PEMDAS — it's the order of operations taught in mathematics classes worldwide, and it's also the order that Excel uses. When evaluating formulas, Excel always processes operators in this order. If you find yourself receiving an unexpected result from your mathematical formulas, double-check to make sure that parentheses are used properly to achieve the results you want.

Make sure you're prepared for the interview that could change your career. Sign up to receive five free must-learn lessons in preparation for your Excel interview. Start preparing today! If you're a frequent Excel user, functions are probably second nature to you.

As such, this question may come as a surprise to you — especially because describing what a function is can be a bit difficult if you never think about it. Here's an easy way to do it: think of a function like a recipe. It's used to combine a bunch of ingredients — which may not taste particularlly good individually — into something much more useful. The name of the function is like the title of the recipe. The arguments of the function describe what ingredients go into it.

Individual functions can take any number of arguments, from one to an infinite number. It all depends on the function. Finally, the output of the function is what comes out the other side: a useful quantity that can show you important data, or be used as an input to other functions in your spreadsheet. This is a tricky question, because it asks you to use your subjective judgement rather than answering objectively. As such, you'll have a wide range of latitude in your response — and you should have a well thought-out reply prepared that demonstrates both your proficiency with Excel and your wide range of past experience using spreadsheets.Excel is mainly used as a reporting tool and let you do the calculations automatically.

Working knowledge of MS Excel is required in many entry-level or office administration job roles for maintaining and analyzing the data. Excel executive should be able to perform basic functions like sum, count, cell formatting, data conversion, simple formulae, and workbook.

The 20 minute Excel skills test enables employers and recruiters to identify potential hires with excellent Excel skills by evaluating their working skills and job readiness. Basic Excel test for an interview helps recruiters in evaluating the candidate's ability to successfully apply his basic Excel skills to perform tasks related to workbooks and data entry in MS Excel.

The score report helps to select the candidate who is the right fit for the job that requires basic knowledge of the Excel. It helps the recruiter to determine whether the applicants can use workbooks efficiently and can get along well on any projects without organization training.

The basic Excel assessment test reports are automated and provide a detail, analytical view of each candidate.

excel assessment test for interview

The Excel basics test contains a combination of application and theory questions. To see the sample questions for this test, please contact support interviewmocha. Trusted by leading brands worldwide.

Top 10 Excel Interview Questions for Job Seekers

Start inviting candidates in the next 2 minutes Buy Now. Related Skills. View test details. About Basic Excel Test for Interview Excel is mainly used as a reporting tool and let you do the calculations automatically.

The Complete Microsoft Office Excel Preparation Pack

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