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So you wanna be like a samurai. What would a true samurai be without his sword, right? A samurai needs a quality blade with a unique design to qualify to be part of the highly-ranked army. A search might seem frustrating because you just might end up getting a toy instead of a real sword. Fortunately for you, we love all things samurai and would gladly go through all that trouble to find battle-ready samurai swords that are easy on the pocket.

After hours of slicing and dicing, we finally found 8 best samurai swords for you to choose from. This is a battle-ready katana is made out of high carbon steel with a full-tang blade. The tsuba is not present and the saya is just wood. For some, it has an attractive simplicity. The wood is lacquered but seems to scratch easily.

You do get a cotton bag for the entire sword which protects the wood. The katana is lightweight, well-balanced, and sharp out of the box not razor-sharp, mind you. The Hamon blade patternhowever, is probably fake at this price. View Price and Deals 2. The blade is 28 inches long and 7mm thick. This is a full tang tachi which preceded the katana but quite similar. The silk-wrapped tsuka is It also features a tri-polished mirror finish and engraved with Japanese horimono.

It is well balanced and the grip is excellent. It comes out of the box sharp and can be sharpened even further to become razor sharp. The tsuba guard and the saya sheath seem to be of less quality compared to the blade. View Price and Deals 3. One of the best features of the Snake Eye 3-piece set is the handy hardwood scabbard. It is not just tough but also highly durable. It comes with a two-tone dragon design finish, which is beautiful enough even you a Samurai.

It is a complete set of three swords measuring 21 inches, 31 inches, and 40 inches. Even though they are meant for display, all of the sword blades are made from high-quality stainless steel.

So as to make it easy for you to display them, the swords come with a free sword stand. View Price and Deals 4. It is for that reason that you may want to buy the best classic handmade samurai sword. Yet it is available at a fairly affordable price compared to the other products on offer.

Overall, the sword is 40 inches in length. It comes complete with a wood scabbard, which protects you from possible cuts from the razor-sharp blade. The sword stand is made of three pieces and is 6.

With this sword, you have the freedom to choose the type of handle you want. It is easy to remove and put back into the scabbard. View Price and Deals 5. Made out of high carbon steelthe blade is full tang and 28 inches long.

The length of the katana is The Iaito or the Iaito Katana is considered as one of the contemporary swords utilized for modern practice. The weapon is made from metal yet it also does not have a cutting edge. These Iaito are mostly utilized for training in the art of Iaido while it can also be a great piece for adornments. Each Iaito features the same quality as its counterparts that have fully sharpened blades, but it also exhibits a powerful yet very blunt edge that is excellent for training and developing the sword fighting skills of a person.

Compared to the Shinkenthe blunt Katana Iaito were produced mainly for the Iai or Batto practice, and because of its form and structure, the Iaito Katana is not really meant for battle or sword to sword contact.

This may be a dull blade but one should remember that the Iaito are swords since those are mostly utilized for decorative purposes. Cheap replicas are not really safe for practice or training purposes since the process of producing the dull Katana is greatly different compared to those created for decorative purposes.

Generally, the blunt Katana was created mainly for practicing Iaido and only quality materials are utilized to be able to produce a sword that is efficient and safe for proper training. Once an individual has acquired a finely made Iaito Katana, they can engage in practicing the art with ease and comfort. This is the art of classic Japanese swordsmanship wherein its practice consists mostly of a collection of pre-arranged Kata that responds accordingly to a specific kind of attack executed by an opponent.

The Kata is usually comprised of a few simple steps which include the following:. When practicing this art, the surroundings should be calm, quiet, and the individual engaging in this should be relaxed; this is necessary since most of the portions of this form of martial art are focused on developing a reflective and calm mind that is referred to the Zanshin. This may sound easy and simple but the practice is quite challenging, but even if this is the case, the art is still highly popular among older individuals and non-athletes.

Another thing to remember when practicing this art is that the individual engaging in this should have profound skills, increased concentration, as well as a calm and solemn spirit. This is because each executed should correspond adequately based on an opponents offensive movements. The practitioner should also follow all the rules of discipline that is related to the martial art since these have all been thoroughly, carefully, and adequately applied to the practice.

A lot of the Iaito Katana are made specifically from high-quality aluminum zinc alloy that are more lightweight compared to steel that features a dull edge; the weapon is designed mainly for practice but it is not going to be effective for weapon to weapon contact. One will know if the alloy blades present are finely and thoroughly made since these replicas appear just like the classic nihonto : featuring the original size, shape, weight, as well as the quality finishes and fittings of a traditional Japanese sword.

Also, the Iaito may appear with a mock hamon which acts as the temper-line of the steel blade that has undergone the process of tempering. Not all dojos require the same training tools for their practitioners since a couple actually prefer using alloy blades for engaging the art of Iaido; they will let their students utilize these weapons until their skills in the art have developed and improved, allowing them to skillfully utilize an actual sharp-edged weapon.

Moreover, there are also other Iaido schools that want their students to utilize a shinken right at the beginning of their training, whereas some dojos entirely prohibit the use of a shinken.

One great thing about the Iaito is that it does not necessarily need too much maintenance compared to the steel Shinken; regular oiling of the blade is also not necessary since the type of material utilized to create the blade does not rust; but of course, oiling the weapon on a regular basis can greatly help keep its strength, durability, longevity, and of course, its beauty.

Even when the Iaito does not require regular maintenance, it would be best to always wipe clean the sword every after use, simply to keep the weapon clean and comfortable to use for the next practice. When purchasing an Iaito sword for practice, the wielder should ask themselves first if the weapon will be used on a regular basis or not, and what exactly is the type of Budo that will be practiced. Aside from these, the practitioner should also always ensure that the shop they are purchasing from are legitimate and offer weapons that are made from high-quality materials.

Iaito The Iaito or the Iaito Katana is considered as one of the contemporary swords utilized for modern practice.Handforged Clay Tempered Monosteel katana with authentic hamon. Great for cutting.

Handforged Clay Tempered Folded Steel katana with authentic hamon. Would you like a truely unique and authentic katana? With BushiSwords you can now create one based on your preferences.

Customization prices The price on the right is the price including all customizations. There are no extra costs. So how do you customize? In the table below you can tell us your preferences.

Below the table you will find all options We make our swords by hand. They are differentially clay tempered in high carbon steel even our iaito! BushiSwords has an excellent reputation. And we want to keep it that way. When you order your custom katana or iaito, we will make sure that you are very happy with your sword.

best iaito

You can now create your own custom and unique katana or iaito. When we say custom, we really mean custom. There are millions of different combinations possible in various types of high quality steel!

Design your custom Japanese sword. Custom katana Handforged Clay Tempered Monosteel katana with authentic hamon. Custom katana Honsanmai Folded Would you like a truely unique and authentic katana? Follow us on Facebook. Free Shipping Worldwide We ship your custom katana or iaito for free, worldwide! Traditionally made Japanese Swords We make our swords by hand.Designed to be perfectly balanced for iaido and kenjutsu kata forms, our iaido swords offer a more traditional alternative to the many zinc aluminum alloy blades on the market.

Since the purpose of training with an iaito is to prepare you to use a proper steel shinken when the time comes, you want a high quality blade that is as similar in balance and weight as possible. Our hardened carbon steel iaido swords are made with superior balance and greater durability. Whether you choose to practice with a katana or wakizashiyou'll find many high carbon steel blade swords in this collection.

Using steel offers an excellent compromise between hardness and durability, with a light weight that puts less stress on your wrist when practicing iaido forms. Sword Styles. At Swords of Northshire, we specialize in Japanese and Chinese weapons. Some of the prominent themes you can find in this collection include dragons, tigers, cranes, cherry blossoms, bamboo stalks, ocean waves, and many more. All of our swords are fully functional, battle ready pieces that range from simple, sleek designs to intricate and complex creations.

Explore color treated swordsclay temperingand folded Damascus steel here. Customization Options.


Each iaito sword comes with a bo-hi blood groove or fullerwhich helps reduce weight and also guides you in your training with the audible Tachi-Kaze wind sound it creates. Iaido swords can also be modified and customized to meet your personal aesthetic:.

A Collection of High Quality Iaito Swords

Once you place your order, it takes our master smith weeks to create your sword. Your patience allows us to pay attention to every detail in bringing your sword to life. We use traditional Japanese smithing techniques to ensure a more authentic blade for your practice, ceremonial, or display needs. Order an iaido sword from Swords of Northshire today and get free shipping throughout the US and internationally! Swords of Northshire is proud to offer free wordwide shipping for all of our products.

Shipping times vary based on location and customization. If for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, we're here to make it right. We can exchange or refund any purchase that doesn't meet expectations. We work with only most trusted forges to create completely custom swords for you.

Absolutely love the craftsmanship with this custom piece. Swords of Northshire was wonderful to communicate with. Always very timely and extremely accommodating. Listened to every detail I was looking for, and did their best to make my dream and the recipient of this sword's dream come true.

I would and will definitely be back again to re-order another in the future. The sword is forged and assembled very well, very fast shipping, great service and courteous. Anyone who wants to buy a sword, this is the place! Impressed by their professional approach. They were quick to respond to my questions and give offers of assistance. The custom made Katana was a true beauty and I am very satisfied with every aspect of my dealings with them.The Iaito is a katana in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description.

Iaido / Iaito Swords

The Iaito is found early in Blighttown from the entrance of the Depthson a corpse lying on the roof of one of the wooden structures.

It requires a running jump to reach. For all intents and purposes, the Iaito is somewhat similar to the Uchigatana in terms of moveset and damage. Notable differences are that the Iaito has a higher Dexterity requirement, slightly better scaling with Dexterity although ultimately still having slightly lower damagea faster one-handed strong attack with a larger hit-box and a longer ranged two-handed strong attack. The Iaito possesses the Bleed auxiliary effect.

Requires: Standard Iaito, Titanite and souls per upgrade. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. In-Game Description Katana forged in an Eastern land.

Custom-made Minosaka Iaito

The Katana is drawn from the scabbard at lightning speed, using an Iaijutsu technique. Iaijutsu allows the wielder to charge forward to swiftly cut down distant foes. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Brisk, vertical slashes. Player steps forward while pulling out the Iaito from its sheath and slashing forward horizontally.

Relatively fast with good reach. Player rushes forward while pulling out the Iaito from its sheath and slashing forward horizontally. Relatively fast with good reach and can be used to dead angle. Jumps forward and plunges the Iaito into the ground; tiny hitbox but good damage. Running, thrust-like stab. Good reach, but small hitbox. Swings the Iaito horizontally.

Standard kick. Standard parry.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Katana forged in an Eastern land.

IAITO - Custom

The Katana is drawn from the scabbard at lightning speed, using an Iaijutsu technique. Iaijutsu allows the wielder to charge forward to swiftly cut down distant foes. Overview table for all Upgrades at regular, max and threshold levels. Click on the tabs to see individual upgrade paths in detail.

Use this table to quickly compare performance. Lightning Reinforcement removes all scaling but adds Lightning Damage. Raw Reinforcement increases base damage whilst reducing stat bonuses. Occult Reinforcement reduces the base damage but increases Faith scaling. Fire Reinforcement adds Fire Damage but removes all scaling bonuses from the weapon.

I somehow dual wield it with uchi. If you inspect the blade you'll notice that, unlike the Uchigatana's, the Iaito's has no hamon or blade pattern. AKA it's not sharpened. Which means that by using this sword the Chosen Undead is skilled enough to defeat his opponents with a blunt practice weapon. Its hard to get bleed damage off in pvp cause people keep running away once it gets high. I still love this weapon. But boy do I get my ass kicked easily in this new age of meta warriors :D Horse but hole?

Someone explain the key differences between this and Uchigatana, other than the quickdraw attack the two seem nigh identical. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close. Load more.Iaido practitioners use the term "Iaito" for practice or decorative swords. The term Iaito translates as mock or imitation sword; these swords differ from Shinken, which are sharpened swords meant for combat.

best iaito

Each Iaito sword has the quality of its sharpened counterparts, but has a blunt edge for safely developing sword fighting skills. We sell a wide range of Iaido swords featuring different styles and materials. Our Legend series pays tribute to great Japanese warriors and historical figures, such as Maeda Toshimasu and Katsu Kaishu. Maeda Toshimasu was a famous samurai who was alive during Civil War period to the early Edo period, better known as Maeda Keiji.

Katsu Kaishu was a legendary negotiator who mediated between the forces of Tokugawa Shogunate and the anti-Shogunal domains. There are more than 20 reproductions of legendary sword designs to choose from. In addition to the Legend series, we sell the Fuji series for advanced Iaidoka, Tora series for Intermediate Iaidoka, Tomoe series female practitioners and Toryumon series for beginners or as a spare Iaito.

Our Iaito are made with the finest materials and the best craftsmanship available on the current market. This gives our Iaito their trademark durability and infuses them with an air of authenticity. Each Iaito are made with the utmost care by our master craftsmen with over 10 years of swordmaking experience. Although some of them may have some decorative elements, none of our Iaito are ornamental, they are all genuine works of arts made by Japanese craftsmen in Japan and used by practitioners of Budo around the world.

Furthermore, we have a custom-made Iaito that is made to fit your exact requirements. Each Iaito sword is reasonably priced and takes from two, up to three months for production, depending on your specifications.

The custom Iaito comes with a free carrying bag and attractive sword rack finished in black matte. A custom Iaito gives you the possibility to freely choose from a wide range of options, length, shape and wraps, so that you can create a sword that is made for you.

You may also select decorative features, such as the lacquer, Sageo, and Tsuka color. You can also personalize any Iaito series with a tsuba guard of your choice around the hilt.

best iaito

This category lists Iaito that are made by Tozando, Iaito that are not made by Tozando are available here. Iaito Series We sell a wide range of Iaido swords featuring different styles and materials. Designs and Materials Our Iaito are made with the finest materials and the best craftsmanship available on the current market. Custom Iaido Swords Furthermore, we have a custom-made Iaito that is made to fit your exact requirements.

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