Annoying noise maker

Mains' hum or electric hum is a sound associated with alternating current at the frequency of the mains' electricity. The fundamental frequency creates the hum the brown sliderand harmonics create the buzz the other sliders, the blue and purple in particular.

It buzzes in a medium monotone and it almost sounds like a fly or bee buzzing around. But it's a light and it makes you feel more comfortable than a bug.

You know that some street lights do this as well, in different tones with each one. This is why you sometimes spend the day at a friend's, and walk home at night. You love this sound so much and sometimes you wish you could hear it all the time. All that's missing is the smell of fresh paint.

It connects us all. Replaced it with a less noisy and less flickering LED bar. I like it. Not all people share this effect. I don't know why Faulty bug zapper. I have over gigabytes of FLAC files recorded at 96kHz sampling rate from an earth dipole antenna and you can hear motors, energy saving bulbs, oil burner ignitors and air conditioners turning on and off. This is nice to have when I'm at a friends house and I forgot to bring the MP3 player with me.

This one focuses on low and high frequencies while still getting a backdrop from the middle, its good for anyone who needs to relax and forget about the day, or like me helps to focus on homework. We stopped at a gas station and near it was a big substation that sounded just like this. Could be used in a film as an electricity sound effect.

Thank you! Thanks for helping me running this website with a donation, once in a while! Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood.

The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture.It randomly emits high pitched sounds, then stops for a while to make it very hard to locate. He has added an extra level of annoyance by putting the noise in vicinity of 17KHz thus making it almost undetectable by people over the age of The fact that not everyone in the room can hear it makes people go even crazier trying to find it.

The parts list is fairly short, and the directions concise. One thing that is fantastic about this article is that he encourages people to improve it. Kits like this have been available from all kinds of vendors for many years.

The only thing that would make this better is if it were mobile so it could hide itself some where new after each time it goes off. Oh and maybe encasing it in some sort of shock-o-matic housing so that when somebody does find it and picks it up it would zap the crap out of em. Hey if your looking to annoy people, especially teenagers I say go the distance. I built one of these that was similar, not as high pitched, but it had a photo-diode, and every time you turned out the lights it would start making noise, then when you turned them back on it would stop making noise… :.

Hahahahahaha I made something similar in 8th grade. I made it in 8th grade and hid it behind the blinds of one of the windows in the class room. Two of the other students finally found it. It was always associated with other phreaking boxes, but had nothing to do with phones?! The signal freq was adjustable… the idea was you set it below what was audible, and it would cause headaches to people in the room.

It was quite annoying. Heyyyyyy Tippy Turtle! Best one was a real zippy sounding circuit cannibalized from a remote control locater. I hid it inside a frosted light bulb.

It triggered when light dropped below a threshold, night with lights off. I wanted to make it charge parasitically off the mains when the lights were on, but none of the components would fit past the neck of the glass.

Given as a gift to my buddy Carlos to thwart his roommates that never do basic household maintainance, such as changing light bulbs. It might just curb the urge to party quite so hard. If anyone knows where I could buy such a device, I would appreciate the info. I have one and it annoys the hell out of my idiot neighbour. Its adjustable freq and you can run on batteries or ac. He had a nervous breakdown meltdown yelling at me.

I just stood there straighfaced then when he was done i smiled and went in my house. I put it up every spring now. In the winter I use it to keep mice out of my bbq.

What is White Noise?

Multi use woooo. Okay, I have a question and by the looks of all these posts, everyone on here, except myself, knows the answer. I AM technically challenged so please be basic with your answers as I will try to understand without many more questions.

Here is my situation and why I came to this site searching for answers. Moments before she drives away, my ears start ringing which reminds me of how I feel the day after going to a really loud concert the night before. Although this may sound really off base, I seem to feel real gittery as if my nervous system is being effected and an increase in my heartrate.

If it goes on long enough, I can also feel a tingling feeling throughout my body and a cold chill sensation up my spine. All these sensations intensify almost as if the volume is being increased the longer it goes.Skip to main content.

annoying noise maker

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annoying noise maker

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The photo shows what I thought I'd need.

As it turned out, the glue wasn't necessary. If you're careful with the moto-tool in the following steps, you won't need it either. The glue's purpose is only to seal leaks. This particular brand tasted horrible, so it was open to sacrifice.

annoying noise maker

Remove the base from the container. You may need a small screwdriver or pliers if your nails aren't strong enough. Using an appropriate bit on your moto-tool, remove the inside guide from the Lip Balm Tube. Be very careful not to damage the outside edge of the tube! This must remain smooth. Remove and dispose of the cap of the 35mm Film Container. The bottom of the container should have an indentation exactly the right size for the Lip Balm tube's indented top.

Use an appropriate bit on your moto-tool to grind out the indentation on the container. Make it as close to round and smooth as you can.

Insert the tapered end of the Lip Balm tube into the newly formed hole in the bottom of the 35mm film container. This should be tight. If there are any gaps, use the glue to fill them. Give the adhesive time to harden.

On the other end, the tube should extend beyond the top of the container. You may want to grind it a bit closer for louder noise. If so, make very sure that it's as flat and smooth as possible. Do not grind it even or below the top of the 35mm Film container.To adjust the frequency by 0. Tinnitus frequency matching. If you have pure-tone tinnitusthis online frequency generator can help you determine its frequency.

Knowing your tinnitus frequency can enable you to better target masking sounds and frequency discrimination training. This is one of these things that sound too good to be true, but early results are very promising.

Annoy Your Friends With High Pitched Noise

You can leave comments here. If you use the Online Tone Generator and find it helpful, please support it with a little bit of money. Unfortunately, this takes a non-trivial amount of time for example, figuring out an obscure browser bug can take many hours of workwhich is a problem because I have to make a living.

Donations from awesome, good-looking users like you buy me time to keep things running. So if you think this tone generator is worth it, please support it with some money to help keep it online. Please consider supporting the generator directly. Please consider supporting this site directly. Created by Tomasz P. Szynalski Comments Privacy policy.Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username.

Everyone knew that one big kid in school who was constantly playing "pranks" that simply involved physically hurting other people "You just punched me in the kidneys! Well, those kids grow up, and often go their entire lives without ever discovering the difference between a "practical joke" and "randomly harming other people just because.

Gadgets and Gear. It's basically like having a particularly malicious virus, so really you can achieve the same result by taking a regular USB drive to a public library computer and then lending it to a friend.

Presumably this was created by someone who went through a devastating malware attack and thought "Hilarious! The available "pranks" include jerking the cursor around, turning caps lock on and off indiscriminately and typing nonsensical snippets of text at random times, essentially recreating the experience of being 14 and on MySpace all over again.

You can control the frequency with which these things happen through a series of buttons on the device itself, which also features a convenient time delay setting so that it doesn't start working immediately after you volunteered to clean the 10 years of dust off the back of your friend's desktop computer.

So, apparently, at some point the victim is supposed to find this piece of destructive technology you've secretly placed in their machine, say "Oh, you card! The device won't press "Enter" or close unsaved documents, because that would be too easy -- it's not meant to get your friends fired, it's only supposed to drive them to suicide. And hey, if you can get them to pick up the phone and dial the number for the suicide hotline, that makes them the perfect target for the next "hilarious" joke The Wrong Number Generator does exactly what the name implies -- it makes the victim's phone call the wrong number.

So it's a simple gadget designed to exasperate not one, but dozens of people at the same time: the "friend" whose phone it's installed on, the multiple strangers said friend will accidentally interrupt whenever he tries to make a call and the phone company employee who will eventually get yelled at over a nonexistent problem. Nerd Approved. This is the type of joke that might seem funny for a second or two before you consider the potentially disastrous or even tragic consequences.

It's an innocuous-looking piece of black plastic that, when attached to a phone line, randomly changes the number that was dialed to a different one. Whether the caller is trying to urgently reach their sick mother or simply wants to engage in some anonymous phone sex, the result will be the same: They'll end up talking to someone other than the person they called.

The only number that is never blocked iswhich is probably just a security measure in case someone catches you installing this thing and deservedly beats the crap out of you. This is supposed to be "for recreational purposes only," but the real reasons behind it become more apparent when you consider that the same company also offers a Disconnected Number Generator that does the opposite: It blocks all incoming calls and plays a "You have reached a number that is disconnected" message to anyone calling in.

What exactly is the joke there?Many types of vuvuzela, made by several manufacturers, may produce various intensity and frequency outputs. Traditionally made and inspired from a kudu horn, the vuvuzela was used to summon distant villagers to attend community gatherings. The vuvuzela has been the subject of controversy when used by spectators at football matches.

How to Whistle With Your Fingers - The Art of Manliness

Its high sound pressure levels at close range can lead to permanent hearing loss for unprotected ears after exposure, [7] with a sound level of dB A the threshold of pain at one metre 3.

Plastic aerophoneslike corneta and similar devices, have been used in Brazil and other Latin American countries since the s. These plastic horns have been marketed and available in the United States as "Stadium Horns" since the mids.

The origin of the device is disputed. The term vuvuzela was first used in South Africa from the Zulu language or Nguni dialect meaning to make a vuvu sound directly translated: vuvu-ing. South African Kaizer Chiefs fan Freddie "Saddam" Maake claimed the invention of the vuvuzela by fabricating an aluminium version in from a bicycle horn and has photographic evidence of himself holding the aluminium vuvuzela in the s, s and s.

The world association football governing body, FIFAproposed banning vuvuzelas from stadiums, as they were seen as potential weapons for hooligans and could be used in ambush marketing.

That noise I don't like FIFA must ban those things Hyundai constructed the world's largest working vuvuzela as part of a marketing campaign for the World Cup. Its ubiquity led to many suggestions for limiting its use, muffling its sound, and even an outright ban.

Broadcasting organisations experienced difficulties with their presentations. Television and radio audiences often heard only the sound of vuvuzelas. The vuvuzelas raised health and safety concerns. Competitors believed the incessant noise hampered the ability of the players to get their rest, and degraded the quality of team performance.

Notch filteringan audio filtration technique, is proposed to reduce the vuvuzela sound in broadcasts and increase clarity of commentary audio. Proposals of adaptive filters by universities and research organisations address this issue by preserving the amplitude and clarity of the commentators' voices and crowd noise. The vuvuzelas can infect others on a greater scale than coughing or shouting. The vuvuzelas have the potential to cause noise-induced hearing loss. Concerns about the constant intensities produced by the vuvuzelas during the FIFA World Cup matches were raised independently by representatives of international football teams, spectators and sports commentators.

The noise levels that were demonstrated during the FIFA World Cup prompted various sporting organisations to ban the vuvuzela at future events and venues, even including future World Cups:. Some shopping centres in South Africa banned the use of vuvuzelas.

Another such action was taken in response to the prevalence of the vuvuzelas at the Anime Expo based in Los Angeles, attended by representatives of Otakon who felt the disruption led to discomfort for some of the attendees of Anime Expo which they wished to avoid at the later Baltimore event. Nine English Premier League clubs have banned the device.

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